Ramuntcho Matta
26 rue Saint-Claude 75003 Paris
Image of Songs without words and music Image of Songs without words and music

Edition limitée à 1000 exemplaires.
Livre d'aquarelles par l'artiste Ramuntcho MATTA.
Livre 32 pages
Editeur : disegnodiverso (Turin, Italie)
Genre : Livre d'illustrations

Ramuntcho Matta is connected to perpetual motion of life that flows rhythmically in and out of him. He!s one with the universe. Like water, he glides over rocks, towards the point of least resistance. Light as the air he joins inner and outer worlds, material, and ethereal. He is metal, he echoes a cymbal. He!s the soft bark of wood, like a trunk, smooth
edges, rooted, top and bottom. Like fire, he transforms, he!s heat, passion, expansion. Fragrant, intense, and rich like as Earth, he receives. Life is a song without words and music, we are free to compose or to listen.
Christina Gabetti